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Mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore the rural countryside of Kas region.
A great day out on two-wheels cycling on forest tracks, through villages and on quiet hard-top roads with little traffic. The one-day descents usually come from the mountains back to stunning views of the Mediterranean coast. You can be either a complete beginner or a professional biker, there is definitely a special route for you.


Trekking and hiking are among the most popular activities in Kaş. Walking on easy paths, passing through dramatically rich Mediterranean maquis, viewing snowy hills, hidden canyons, green valleys and cool water springs, watching an amazing variety of fossils, birds (birds of prey, partridges, song birds, seasonal shore birds...), plants (sage, thyme, bulb flowers, endemic plants such as mediterranean orchids) and other wilderness are certainly a good option for those who do not want to spend their vacation lying on the beach. While you are walking on the antique Lycian paths, you will scroll through unspoiled ancient city ruins, temples and characteristic local villages.


Explore otherwise unreachable and uninhabited coasts by sea-kayak, the most ecological vehicle of our times. There is neither noise nor pollution, you only use the strength of your arms for moving, and you only need to listen to your heart to choose among mesmerizing beaches.
Daily tours to discover magical turquoise coasts of Kaş... Calm waters, protected from all wind, provide the opportunity for the participants to have fun, sunbathe and swim. Moreover, you have a chance to explore antique Lycian tombs, ancient cities and ruins.


A chance to discover the underwater world for absolute beginners... This provides a safe, enjoyable introduction to the Undersea World. You will first watch a video with a comprehensive introduction to diving techniques that will help you adapt to the underwater, to scuba equipment, and to mediterranean fauna and flora. You will then be taken on a 20-minute dive one-to-one with an instructor in the crystal clear waters of Kas to a max of 6 metres.
If you are a certified diver then you can discover its peculiar shore formations, ancient and modern wrecks, amphoras from ancient civilizations, reefs, canyons and large caves, KAS is internationally recognized as an amazing dive destination, and one of the best in the Mediterranean. Our rocky reefs have been choses "the best in Turkey" by the Turkish diver community


The dual flight which is done with a pilot and a passenger is called Tandem flight. While the experienced pilot is controlling the wings you may sit in front of the pilot as a passenger and enjoy flying like a bird. Kaş is one of the best locations in Turkey for paragliding, it will give you a bird’s eye view of Kas's spectacular scenery while you are enjoying your freedom..


Simena, Dolichiste and Aperlai; the three queens of Kekova Sound where is a Specially Protected Zone (Marine Protected Area and Archeologically Protected Area as well). Simena, Dolichiste and Aperlai; they are the most ancient settlements where can only be reached by a boat or a sea kayak. All the area had started to go down beneath the waters of blue Mediterranean Sea by a “Great Catastrophe”, numerous successive earthquakes started in the 10th century A.D. You can discover the magical world of Kekova Sunken City, with its ruins just below the sea level and the mysterious chambers, steps and walls carved directly into the rocks.
The islands of Kas Archipelago form a natural barrier between the Greek island Kastellorizo and beautiful coast of Lycia. It is among the silent coves and smallest inhabited islands of the archipelago... You can swim and snorkel all day in crystal clear turquoise waters of the Turkish Mediterranean.


Your experience will start at the pebble cove. You will then be given a safety briefing and issued with your kit which includes wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and helmet before heading out with your experienced instructor. The next several hours will be full of adrenalin as you explore the stunning coastline using whatever means possible - climbing, scrambling, swimming and jumping.


This is a very special tour that offers you the magnificent bundle of natural and historical beauties of Lycia. In the beginning of this trip you will find the oppotunity to swim in Kaputas Beach which has been in many traveling magazines, with its amazing natural colours for photography enthusiasts. Then you will go to Saklıkent Canyon natural park which offers you the longest canyon walk in Turkey in its ice-cold waters. 
You will also have a chance to do body rafting during your two-hour walk with your guide to the mysterious depths of canyon, with the hope of finding the hidden paradise. Then you will be headed to Ancient Xanthos city is the oldest and largest administrative and religious center of Lycia. On the way back to Kaş finally you will go to the world famous Patara National Park. British Sunday Times newspaper considers this one of the 'world's most beautiful beaches' Even sea turtles visit Patara once every year. This is the longest and most glamour beach of the area with its 18 km length. The sand is fine and the sea is shallow. We can guarantee you won’t feel crowded here. We let you have a long break so that you fully enjoy the breakers...


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In almost all restroraunts in Kas typical Medditerrainen cousine if dominant. It is quite rich in terms of local flavors.